Happy and Lucky 2018

Welcome dear friend!

Maneki Neko or “Beckoning Cat” is an ancient Japanese sculpture also known as a welcoming cat, lucky cat or money cat. It is a unique gift for oneself or a loved friend to bring luck and happiness to its master!

ラッキー ラッキー 猫

Lucky Lucky Cat

matt white


ラッキー ラッキー 猫

Lucky Lucky Cat

matt black


Paint your Lucky Lucky Cat with the Posca PC-1M pen!

Posca - "paint in a pen" can be used on most surfaces making it purrfect for drawing a fun and happy design on your Lucky Lucky Cat!

Your Lucky Lucky Cat comes with a Posca pen and some inspiration to get you started on your cat's design should you choose to customise it.

Don't forget to share your designs with us on Instagram! #myluckyluckycat

Discover more about the Posca PC-1M pen 

Product information

Setting cat at any position. Suggesting next with door or window to welcome friends with happy thought.


You can never wrong with
a lucky lucky cat by your side. Always protects. Never ever leaves your side.


One AA battery (not included) for providing the power, enabling to automatically beckon the hand for months.


Maneki Neko is an ancient Japanese sculpture. Is also known as welcoming cat, lucky cat or money cat. Note: Treasure and wealth is not guarantee with this product. 

Insert AA battery (not included) into the treasure beckoning cat according to the ascribed polarities. Then it can work immediately. 

If find the hand-beckoning stops please change the same battery. Always use low output type. No off button. Remove the battery to stop waving the hand movements.

Inside Posca PC-1M pen for painting your Lucky Lucky Cat with special and happy design. Find inspiration and creativity inside yourself or online!