Black Cat


For others or for their own wealth and prosperity to bring a great gift! Watching the cat's hand swing back and forth, bringing luck and wealth to the master. Maneki Neko or “Beckoning Cat” is an ancient Japanese sculpture is also known as a welcoming cat, lucky cat or money cat. Now you can give gifts of good fortune to loved family members or friends or to oneself if in difficult moment.

"The black cat wards off evil spirits, gives protection at home or work. For their own or a loved one. It will protect the owner and keep it safe from bad feelings!"

Size: 6 inches tall 

One Posca PC-1M pen included to customise your cat. Design your own Lucky Lucky Cat with special and happy design for oneself or loved friend. Or for the lover of minimalist interiors, leave the Lucky Lucky Cat blank. It is a unique gift that will make everyone smile!

Requires 1 AA battery for providing the power (not included) use low output type. No stop button - you must remove the battery to stop waving the hand movements. The cat must wave to welcome good fortune!

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